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Portrait Commissions by Ian Stietencron, UK

I am a portrait artist based in Nottingham, UK mostly working in oils and able to work from either a photograph or a live sitting. It is a very important commitment to commission a portrait of a loved one or indeed of yourself. For me, or indeed any other portrait artist, the responsibility to please my clients and deliver a painting that will become an heirloom for many generations is a great satisfaction in itself. If a artist is to paint from a photograph, it is important to have enough detail in it to enable the painter to take from the image what they consider to be the essence of that person. To meet the subject is ideal and to take my own photographs is even better. If it is not possible to meet the subject, if he or she is deceased or if the painting is to be a gift, it is important that I, as a portrait painter, have as much information on the subjectís character and personality to allow the painting to portray much more than just a copy of a photograph.

My pet portraits can be created in a similar manner, in many cases it is often a little more easy to create pet portraits from a good photograph. For examples of some of my animal and pet portraits please see the relevant section above.

I also paint couples and groups, which for obvious reasons are more expensive.

For more information please telephone or e-mail me and I will be pleased to discuss all your requirements from a live sitting to a photographic procedure.

See contact and portrait prices pages.

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Portrait Painter, Nude Portrait Artist, Pet Portraits and Portrait Commissions by Ian Stietencron (UK)