Portrait Commissions, live sitting or from a photograph.

Commissioning a portrait is usually because the subject is very much loved and the need to express this love is through commissioning a portrait by the right portrait painter.

A live sitting or a portrait taken from a photograph preferably taken by the portrait painter. My portraits sometimes vary in their interpretation and style, but I always guarantee one thing. A good likeness and complete satisfaction with the final image.

Although the current images on show are all fairly representational, I sometimes paint in a much looser style. For example go to the NUDES page and see "Girl in Woods" and see the contrast in styles. The impressionist style can be used in a portrait if the client prefers.

Because a portrait in oils takes a long time to produce and involves a great deal of input and thought from the artist, the final image becomes a complex interpretation and impression of one person by another. To maintain as far as possible, the interactive development of a portrait when the only reference is taken from just one photograph, it is very important for me to know as much about that person as possible.

Colour and background can be very significant in the interpretation and mood of a portrait and this must be taken into consideration when a portrait is commissioned. A background can be totally abstract or specifically constructed to express the past experiences of the sitter and include significant items that will reflect the history of the person but not detract from its aesthetic value.

For more information about commissioning a portrait, telephone or email me. See the contact page and also the home page.

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